Work efficiently, anywhere, anytime.

Cloud services offer your company the possibility that your employees can access company data securely everywhere and at any time. Cloud solutions like Office 365 or Microsoft Azure offer numerous tools to support your business. With the collaboration tools of Office 365, the boundaries and limitations of traditional in-house enterprise solutions disappear. The list of ready-made solutions, which are ready for use within a remarkably short time, includes almost the entire Microsoft product range.

dotparc has already supported numerous companies in the introduction of cloud-based business solutions. You may outsource your entire IT backend structure and dotparc supports you in design, development, and operation.

File Management with OneDrive for Business and SharePoint

Individual users can manage their documents in a secure and efficient environment with OneDrive for Business . Offline synchronization is just as easy as versioning of all documents and protection against accidental deletion. Administrators can monitor all activities at any time and intervene if necessary.

SharePoint also offers even more comprehensive tools for document management and team collaboration. External users can also be included. This enables your company and your business partners to work together efficiently and in a structured manner.

Cloud services from dotparc bring the tools and structures to your company and your employees so that you can complete the tasks that ensure your success better and faster. Scalable solutions, predictable costs, efficient cooperation within the company and with your business partners are just a few of the associated advantages.

Scalability and data security

Office 365 solutions are highly scalable and suitable for small businesses up to large companies and corporations. In addition, Microsoft Azure Platform and Services offer even more comprehensive solutions to map any IT backend infrastructure.

Every IT manager is aware of the importance of data security in companies. With cloud services from dotparc, this area of data protection up to cloud-based backup is also covered.


Cloud Management for Partners

Of the companies that store data in the cloud, 32% report that they have lost important data before. Therefore, choosing the right data protection solution is critical for any company.

With SkyKick as a partner, dotparc offers its customers a highly available, secure and user-friendly solution for backing up their data. Your employees and their productivity are one of the most valuable resources. That\\’s why many companies invest in Office 365, but what happens if the content your employees create gets lost?

With SkyKick Cloud Backup, you can quickly and reliably find and recover content you thought was lost. This gives you the freedom to protect your productivity even in extreme cases.

Cloud Backup for Exchange Online

Secure your Exchange Online mailboxes.

Cloud Backup for SharePoint and OneDrive for Business

Secure your SharePoint sites and documents in personal OneDrive for Business Accounts.

Prospekt Downloads

Here you can download our brochures with interesting information about our cloud backup products.

Cloud Backup for Exchange Online (Englisch, PDF Download)

Cloud Backup for SharePoint and OneDrive for Business (Englisch, PDF Download)