A selection of reference customers and implemented projects
Our group of companies specializes in the construction and acquisition of solar power plants in Austria and various European countries. This is done in cooperation with a large number of investors in the context of bond issues and citizen participation projects. The organisational and administrative handling places high demands on the creativity and precision of the IT solutions. dotparc is the ideal partner for us, who understands the complexity of our business and always finds the right solution.
Mag. Günter Grabner

Owner, PV-Invest GmbH

The values of our company are based on two simple cornerstones. On the one hand, it is our passion for cars and the professionalism in detail that characterizes our work. On the other hand, we strive every day to ensure the quality our customers expect. Our company has been using dotparc services for several years. With dotparc we have a professional partner who supports us in finding the right IT systems for our business processes and adapting them to our needs.
Mag. Rudolf Juvan

CEO, HP Drivetech Entwicklung und Produktion GmbH

Constantly growing company structures demand dynamic solutions that can grow with the challenges. Through the cooperation with dotparc it was always possible for us to implement the right tools and to be up to the challenges.
Nico Karlbauer, MSc.

Management, Unser Kraftwerk UK-Naturstrom GmbH